Getting to know the 'unkown user' NPC's Non-Player Character

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Allen Partridge
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Getting to know the 'unkown user' NPC's Non-Player Character

Post by Allen Partridge »

(The puzzling title is in part because NPC is too short a word to search threads)

I've been working with NPC's for a bit now and have popped around and looked at various NPC's others have made. In virtually all instances, when the Kitely world has to 'spawn' for my benefit - because it isn't active when called, there is a problem with the name server updating with the ID's of the freshly generated NPC's. Initially i thought i could perhaps program around this, but after many tries i've found no solution.

This is only a problem for the first avatar to enter the sim, but it persists even after other avatars are seeing the proper names of your NPC's. On the one hand, it's an easy way to identify the NPC's in a sim - they're all called unknown user. On the other hand ... uhmmm.

I recognize that this is probably an openSim bug that is hitting Kitely harder because worlds are on demand, but what i'm wondering is, are there any known ways to force the asset server to update after the world is fully loaded?

TIA for any assistance,

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Re: Getting to know the 'unkown user' NPC's Non-Player Chara

Post by Constance Peregrine »

unknown user is a good friend of mine and in fact i credit him/her/or it in my free oars...because, it is the right thing to do-))
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Re: Getting to know the 'unkown user' NPC's Non-Player Chara

Post by mat mahogany »

I use NPC's in Stuart. I love them, I did some work with them for a while intending to do more. but as is the case I got sidetracked,

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Re: Getting to know the 'unkown user' NPC's Non-Player Chara

Post by Sarge Misfit »

I recently gave an item to another user that I had imported when I first came to Kitely. If I recall, I had put it in a box on an empty sim, then loaded that sim to Kitely and opened that box as well as others.

When he rezzes it inworld, it moves. Not far, perhaps less than a quarter of a metre. But it moves on its own. Seriously. I've seen it, though that doesn't happen when I rez the roiginal. As its creator, it has Unkown User.

I am wondering if its a related bug.
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