Help a noob with door and window script package

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Cooter Coorara
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Help a noob with door and window script package

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Hi all.

I am slowly finding my way into Kitely from Second Life, as many of you have done. I have had to learn about physics engines and other things I never had to concern myself with before, nor even knew about. I need some help and advice.

I'm an old SL prim builder (houses etc.). Not too shabby of one. I have just ventured into mesh using Mesh Studio (a mesh generator, something else I need badly here) and I found myself with expensive mesh upload charges on top of the usual image/sound/texture charges. Enough is enough. Linden Labs has enough of my dough.

In SL, I used Zimberlab's Windoor for all of my doors, windows, and other things. It slides, pivots, and rotates on all three axis. Sounds can be custom and speed can be set as well as access, synchronization, and even detection mates to open and close things automatically. I understand that Kool Door is similar. Windoor is a fantastic product. I contacted Dr. Zimberman and he has no interest in porting Windoor here.

I have found nothing on Kitely but the simplest of door rotate scripts and one bad slide script. This is a deal breaker for me. I really need a menu driven system like I described above. I don't want to deal with modifying scripts or notecards.

Does anyone know of anything on the Kitely MP like I described?
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Shandon Loring
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Re: Help a noob with door and window script package

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Hi Cooter! Welcome!!

There was a thread last week here on the Forums about door building in general, not sure if any use to you, but some super bright folks were on the thread. You can see it at: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=5964

And TOTALLY agree with you on needing Mesh Studio in Kitely/Opensim!!!

Blender is the best thing ever!! Well so I"m told, but I just don't get it. And yes I've taken classes from some of the best instructors there are here, and still.. Blender has way too muchness for me to get a handle on.

We're always striving to bring more people to Opensim and Kitely, obviously traffic is what keeps it profitable for grid, and frankly keeps the grid open. Well making it more palatable and easy is biggie in getting folks over here.
So if any big hypergrid grid owners/admins read the Kitely Forums, kindly take note of what Cooter is saying.

See you 'round Cooter!
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