Animesh script and position

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Calder Darkstone 2
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Animesh script and position

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Very new to animesh. Making sort of a Roman galley and using an animesh skeleton to move the oars. Visually, by themselves, they work great. I'm also using a fairly standard boat script for the water. I think both the boat and animesh script need to be in the root prim. Doing that, moves the oars down into the water and forward. (I'm assuming it's the center of the root physics prim.) How do I control where the animesh oars get positioned?
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Re: Animesh script and position

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Hi Calder, If you want to meet up in world, I can try to help you. I work with animesh a lot and think I know what your problem is. It would just be easier to show you and be able to talk over mic instead of typing. Message me any time.
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