Password Door Script?

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Scott Dolphin
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Password Door Script?

Post by Scott Dolphin » Sun Feb 24, 2019 9:16 pm

I have been looking for a simple password door script with an autoclose function. Does anyone have any suggestions.

I could also use a badge access script that will allow users to enter certain areas only if they are wearing the correct 'badge' or combination of 'badges'.

I am building a gamified immersive curriculum and need to create areas that can only be accessed once specific tasks or assignments are complete.

I have a general grasp of LSL and can script simple functions but use small words please... ;)
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Ilan TochnerShandon Loring
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Shandon Loring
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Re: Password Door Script?

Post by Shandon Loring » Tue Feb 26, 2019 8:03 pm

Hi Scott,
Maybe something like this one?

// :NAME:phantomdoorwithpasswordall
// :AUTHOR:Anonymous
// :CREATED:2010-01-10 05:20:56.000
// :EDITED:2013-09-18 15:38:59

This is also available at the Script Library building at the Seanchai Mall in Kitely MALL
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Min Tigerpaw
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Re: Password Door Script?

Post by Min Tigerpaw » Fri Mar 01, 2019 3:00 pm

Hi Scott,

in Kitely Market I have a rotating door script that has an password option built in.
You can find it here. ... r-Advanced

IM me if you have any questions
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