Resources for learning scripting

Creating scripts
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Emilia Valdez
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Resources for learning scripting

Post by Emilia Valdez »

I am interested in learning how to create scripts and would like to know what tutorials, books etc. are available.
Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
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Shandon Loring
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Re: Resources for learning scripting

Post by Shandon Loring »

Hi Emilia,
A great way to learn is to imitate and modify..
We have an inworld Script Library at the Seanchai Mall located here: MALL
we also have live storytelling inworld Thursday evenings if you'd like to come meet some nice folks and listen to one of our professional storytellers.

Also... here is a terrific online script repository and lots of other free tools.
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Graham Mills
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Re: Resources for learning scripting

Post by Graham Mills »

It's rather old now (LSL has expanded significantly since then) and perhaps more of a reference than a tutorial but you may be able to get a secondhand copy of Scripting Your World on Amazon etc ... ref=sr_1_4

Virtual World Design, as its name suggests, is more design-oriented but with a chapter on scripting (which I haven't read) ... ref=sr_1_1

Worth noting that there are some differences in OpenSim, not least the availability of OSSL functions.

Also, this Scratch interface to LSL might be of interest

Have fun!
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Mike Lorrey
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Re: Resources for learning scripting

Post by Mike Lorrey »

I used to teach scripting but so few people attended that I dropped it
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