☘️ INSTANT CRAIC - need some St. Patricks Day music? ☘️

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☘️ INSTANT CRAIC - need some St. Patricks Day music? ☘️

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(FREE for anyone to listen to; no ads if you're premium YT Music)

Ultimate St. Patrick's Day
Raise the roof this St. Patrick's Day with this rousing collection of Irish drinking songs.

https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list ... Elbc7ZqSfk

Best of Irish
Have a big night in with good friends, fine drinks and some of the greatest bands to have come from the Emerald Isle.

https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list ... HXbWqjlynU

Irish Rock Classics
Featuring only iconic or critically acclaimed Irish bands, this playlist showcases the varied rock sounds of the Emerald Isle.

https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list ... _yt3rrqFtc

A Drop of the Black Stuff
Fill your glass, gather round and raise the roof with this rowdy playlist of Irish drinking songs. This playlist is no longer being updated.

https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list ... xoQcxeiyRo

The Celtic Spirit
Mellow out to these unearthly tunes blending folk melodies, Celtic rhythms, and ambient soundscapes.

https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list ... amFMDXKd7g

Instant Céilí Party
Bodhrans and fiddles at the ready, this collection of toe-tapping, partner swinging, glass charging jigs is all you need for an instant Céilí Party.

https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list ... Suz-S4wquE

Traditional Celtic Folk
Pour fresh Guinness into old mugs and drink to these Irish artists who embrace the traditional Celtic folk sound. The beauty of the old songs never fades with these reverent takes on the classic Irish sound.

https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list ... tho75SrO4A
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