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Creating avatar shapes, hair, skin, eyes, etc.
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Re: Digging into the system avatar

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WARNING geeky techie post. You been warned. That means you, Dwagon monster. Do not read this, no one wants to see sploded head.

For those of you who have been using my armatures in lieu of (mostly fine but pricey) Blender plugins, I have made extensive revisions and right now only one version is up at the Git. https://github.com/RuthAndRoth/Referenc ... a%20Radius.

Replaced the armatures and the spreadsheet. I changed my mind on the best ways to convert the viewer Character xml files from old Maya to current Blender, plus I had to upgrade to Blender 2.92.

I unchecked "connected" in bone settings, so Blender wouldn't change the bone length on the bones where avatar_skeleton.xml has a head to tail mismatch. Doesn't seem to affect importing to the viewer with a mesh attachment.

I did not correct avatar_skeleton.xml left to right asymmetries for this version.

There are two sets of parameters for the mBones - pivot and pos. I clarified that this armature uses the pivot numbers for the mBones. Only pos settings are available for the collision bones, which also need custom settings to work on exporting and importing. I included fairly ancient custom settings that work for now (Blender 2.92) but may not in future. I don't know enough Python yet to rewrite them.

I cleaned up the instructions for using the armature to export rigged mesh attachments from Blender.

I removed the Blender conversion calculation sheets from the spreadsheet. I've revised them extensively, changing my mind on the right way to this quite a few times, and that's just today. The very very small number of people who are interested in working on this know how to contact me :).

R3 interested people: I'm working on Blender versions that use the pos values for mBones, preparing to add armature morph values for Appearance > Female to Male. I just today figured out how to convert a female to a male armature using avatar_lad.xml values in Blender but I haven't built it yet, beyond making the spreadsheet calculations. For the rest of the morphs I'll need help - someone to write an ap to generate values from the xml files. I won't upload any of this at the Git. I wouldn't be able to field questions for what will be an experimental long term off-and-on project and for which I'll need a lot of programming help. C++ and Python.
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Re: Digging into the system avatar

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Ada Radius wrote:
Sat Apr 17, 2021 11:11 pm
WARNING geeky techie post. You been warned. That means you, Dwagon monster. Do not read this, no one wants to see sploded head.

Mwahahahhaa. Hey, I not monster. I cute, cuddly sack of cookie-snatching, rum-keg-swiping, buckle-swashing goodness. As is all dwagons. :roll:

And just for record, I did read da post.
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