The Mesh Project - Real Avatars

Creating avatar shapes, hair, skin, eyes, etc.
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Amiryu Hosoi
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The Mesh Project - Real Avatars

Post by Amiryu Hosoi »

Hey guys, has anyone seen the Mesh Project yet? This is so cool.

Please check out
Kitely should try to get this developers inside Kitely asap.

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Mykie Medjool
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Re: The Mesh Project - Real Avatars

Post by Mykie Medjool »

i agree,we should all message them in sl and make sure they know they can sell it and be paid right to pay even if you dont want money in kitely, you still stand to gain from selling here too, plus they dont have to do any work...they just gotta upload it
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Tully McLeod
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Re: The Mesh Project - Real Avatars

Post by Tully McLeod »

This would be great to see. One problem I have trying to get people to migrate from SL to Kitely is that they get here and find they can't make their avatar look anywhere near as good as it does in SL. A couple of really nice mesh options would go a long ways towards fixing that.
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Dot Matrix
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Re: The Mesh Project - Real Avatars

Post by Dot Matrix »

In case it helps, Imagine Skins and Fashion offers a female mesh avatar in Kitely Market.
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Kayaker Magic
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Re: The Mesh Project - Real Avatars

Post by Kayaker Magic »

The Mesh Project is one of those WEB pages that annoys the heck out of me. It doesn't have a clear description of what the project is. Apparently it is a new mesh body for SL, but is there a male version? Can I get a copy I can download to OpenSim? The FAQ only answers very end-user questions, how to change fingernail color, etc. The downloads page is only for designers and the list of designer options are for things like tattoos and appliers. I assume there is an expensive mesh body that all these things fit on and you can only get it in-world and only in SL.

Instead, you should all look at This is an open source project that generates mesh avatars that you can use.
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