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How to get a mesh av?

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:21 pm
by Pinky Lothbrok
I'm new here from SL and I just can't stand the old default avatar with painted on clothing. I stupidly wasted $5 on what I 'thought' was a mesh av, to get worse than what I'd already put together in the old avie style.

I found the Ruth project, and tried to build it with the vague instructions to no avail.

So, is it possible for someone like me to get a mesh av here or no?

I need a link to purchase one I guess, or proper instructions to build one from this multitude of files included in the Ruth download. At the moment, it is stuck in T-pose and green. I think I'd need a 2 year degree to figure that one out. :)

Any help appreciated.

Update- Thanks all for the help. I now have a mesh av, some clothing and AO animations, yay.

Re: How to get a mesh av?

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:37 pm
by Chris Namaste ... ar_project
hi pinky, thats the link of the group for ruth 2-3 and roth, with all volunteers & newsies & info etc
ruth is free opensource (and great looking !)

for exemple, u can go see in my shop inkitely here, what outfits i have to show u her look (the shape can be adapted how one wishes) etc
its supersimple to setup :)

all the other mesh bodys 'from the unique sl brands' are not legit
hoping to 've helped