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Saphira dev files.

Posted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 3:22 pm
by Kate Swanson
Hi there.

I'm a content creater in Sl and i want to take place in Kitely too. BUT. I can't find any normal info.I could start even like now but it's none.

All i found in last investigation was Saphira body's creator came from another grid and she don't answer to my messages.
Right now (long to explain) i have almost zero founds on my paypal to spend it on a Saphira body. I suspect dev files are in the kit. I was hoping to start as i usually start - from zero and then buy it.

Alll i need is to download a dev kit of a body or couple of them and start. I have Lara,Slink and Belezza dev kits but who knows will it work with Saphira or not.Well i can try because i have nothing else to do but walking around the tree and wondering.
Noone i figured out working with the body never answered my notecards.None of them. I found names on the market and send them all this question.
All i need is 1 file to start create tons and tons of items.But i can't right now. And no one is answering me.I'm tired of running around and scrapping one word out of existence to become a detective (((
Can anyone clear this question for me? Or u recommend me just start with default clothing and then accumulate money and get Saphira to learn it dont have dev file inside ? X)))))

Dev files which are "listed" in body's kit at marketplace are ,as i suspect nails and skin and so on dev files.I need blender file with body.And for such things it's usually singing application for exists or the link is in the bought kit.

P.S. if u recommend me go with Ruth then i'm waiting for dev files too because between Ruth dev files from SL and final body in Kitely there could be changes in rigging.
P.S. and i have no problems selling full perm templates for your stores as i'm a template creator. Can we please..start....already....

Re: Saphira dev files.

Posted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 5:38 pm
by Ada Radius
AFAIK Ruth and Roth are the way to go for creating clothing for mesh bodies in OS. I'm not sure that any other original (not stolen) mesh bodies are licensed to use outside of SL. If any are, I'd sure be interested. There are issues with Ruth and Roth licensing in Kitely, though not in the noncommercial grids. Clothing made for them, no problem, and easy to sell to nearly any grid from Kitely Marketplace.

Ruth and Roth avatars are at RC#3 and RC#1 dev stages, respectively, and the dev files are at the GitHub - not perfect but I do know people creating clothing from them who say they're happy enough, until we come out with new releases.

I've just barely gotten the Ruth and Roth models converted to the new Blender software (v2.8). It's taking me a while to get used to the new interface; my hands don't know what to do! But getting there. Although there isn't an Avastar plugin available yet for Blender2.8, Gaia has published instructions on the export conversion here: So it's promising.

Re: Saphira dev files.

Posted: Sun Jul 21, 2019 1:08 pm
by Kate Swanson
Ty Ada.
However, while i found info myself now, Kitely's version which is different in arse part have zero information and no one answer to me about the dummy. I'll work with the official version or it's not official, the on from OSGrid store because the body is identical to official dummy from site archive.And also Kitely's evrsion is beta and i can't know when will it be full version because noone answer and maybe don't know....
So until i get dummy fro Kitely's version i'll work with OSGrid "official".

Re: Saphira dev files.

Posted: Sun Jul 21, 2019 2:28 pm
by Ada Radius
That's what I was trying to tell you - there is no Kitely version of Ruth and Roth mesh bodies. And won't be, because of licensing issues. Ruth and Roth is a teaching project, originally modeled by Shin Ingen, and has licensing not compatible with most for-profit enterprises. I see that you've found the various Ruth and Roth distribution sites so you have everything you need.

Re: Saphira dev files.

Posted: Sun Jul 21, 2019 3:55 pm
by Ada Radius
I forgot to include the location of the "official" inworld distribution site for the most recent Ruth and Roth versions, running on Ai Austin's server. It's at:
hop:// If that changes, the GitHub page will have the most recent information.

There is also a group at MeWe, an osgrid inworld group and other resources and media I haven't kept track of. One of the biggest is at: Plaza, well worth a visit.