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Rigging Hair

Posted: Wed Mar 24, 2021 9:23 am
by Dolly Rotten
Gorgeous people,

I'm trying to learn how to rig the hair I've made but the only follow-able tutorials (and even confusing ones) I can find for Blender and/or Avastar are for older versions, and I'm just lost.

Can anyone talk me through it please? I'm happy to pay someone with the skills for their tutorial time on Zoom if it needs more than a "spare few minutes" forum reply. :-)

I have been using Blender for a while so understand the basics.

Re: Rigging Hair

Posted: Wed Mar 24, 2021 4:05 pm
by Ada Radius
Hi Dolly,
There are a couple of classes a week available - Kayaker Magic hosts one at 9:30 am Wednesdays, Mike Lorrey at 3pm Sundays. I join in when I can, especially for rigging and vertex weighting. If you contact one of us we can give you landmarks and I'll try to be there too. I've found the best way to teach it is to have the student in Screenleap doing it, while two or three of us coach you through it.
Rigging isn't 'difficult' once you know where everything is. But there's a lot of everything.

Re: Rigging Hair

Posted: Thu Mar 25, 2021 9:05 am
by Dolly Rotten
Thank you.

Honestly though the thought of two or three people telling me how to do something at once has just made massively anxious, and those are the worst possible times for me.

I'm thinking it might just be easier to pay someone to rig the hair for me! I only do a few a year, heh.

Re: Rigging Hair

Posted: Thu Mar 25, 2021 3:46 pm
by Ada Radius
We can adapt. Kayaker will be doing his Animesh class again soon, and we think it will be video'd. Animesh would be good for some hair bits, to replace flex prims - give some movement. And I'll think about doing a hair-rigging class. Then you can just watch, if that makes you more comfortable. Everyone has a different learning style.

Re: Rigging Hair

Posted: Thu Mar 25, 2021 8:12 pm
by Chris Namaste
hi Ada,that sounds amazing,
the animesh class uplan to give,
what do u mean it will be video's? : on kitely youtube channel or?
for people who cannot come over i mean?
thx in advance,
i'm so in OMGosh for animesh!

Re: Rigging Hair

Posted: Fri Mar 26, 2021 9:57 am
by Dolly Rotten
In the meantime, I have two wigs I need rigging, anyone want to earn a few quid? :-)