Basic How-to tutorial needed.

Creating clothing, shoes, and accessories
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Basic How-to tutorial needed.

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Hello again!
I am a developer on another website. I must tell you right out that I am not a mesher. However, I have created items on SL from scratch using the build tools. One thing I have never done though is made clothing. Now, I left SL simply for the reason that they want to damn much to own a SIM. The reason for this post however, is that I was attempting to shop in the Kitely market and noticed there is not much in the terms of role play attire (at least for men) that I could see. It all seems to be just normal, everyday type clothing. Now on the main site I have come from, I develop there mainly as a creative outlet. I have been told that my items (these items being dev'ed from an existing mesh on the site) are done quite well. I have always believed in quality over quantity. But, I digress. I was wondering, can anyone tell me the beginning stages of making clothing on here? Also, since I am on the subject of creating and the market, why is it that other creators will only accept cash and not KC as well? It would seem limiting for sales doing that. But, more important is some link to a tutorial or something on how to create new items (clothing) that can be put into the market on here.
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Re: Basic How-to tutorial needed.

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Hi Scorpius

For clothing, what works for SL will also work here. So the SL tutorials for standard avatar clothing and rigged mesh clothes will apply for Kitely and OpenSim more generally. I'm not sure about "Bento" stuff, though.

As for pricing in KC and USD some creators accept both, or they have a policy of charging KC for items that cannot be exported outside Kitely and USD for exportable items, or ... There are a lot of options that creators are free to choose between.

By the way, if you decide to price your items in KC only, you will be able to pay your Kitely land rental costs ("tier" if you like) with them. Note, though, that KCs are not convertible back into USD -- that is by design.
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