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Mesh Mission

Postby Annie Moore » Sat Dec 16, 2017 3:24 pm

So I'm fairly new ...had an account for 10 months but only in the past two have I really hit the ground running. I'm learning a lot, but I wanted to bring some more great things to Kitely. So I started with Clutterfly. I'm a texture artist so having Mesh, that's full perm, with maps is a great starting place for me. I usually do wall textures and I rather enjoy making those full perm so builders can use them in their home builds.

But I took some of the Meshes from Clutterfly, picked up an AVSITTER from the marketplace, and got to work..I am super proud of them and will be making more. (The dog and cat ones are cushions with included SITS to sit by the pet, great for in your living room or out on the patio. <3
Modern Leather Sofa:
Holiday Armchair:
Floral Bed:
Pet Cushions:

honest opinions? Yes no? Suggestions? If you want to "Try" the products out they are out on display in my store. Thanks everyone!
hop://{Annie Moore} Home Interiors and/63/121/22
Annie Moore
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Re: Mesh Mission

Postby Graham Mills » Mon Dec 18, 2017 8:44 pm

Welcome to Kitely, Annie -- very much like your product and hope you do well.
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