Square Rooms - a new RezMela product

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Square Rooms - a new RezMela product

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Square Rooms is a RezMela App which allows you to very quickly create, edit and store buildings using unique components such as rooms, furniture, and a selection of interactive objects. You can piece together buildings for all sorts of purposes, and fill them with a variety of included furniture and tools.

Everything is controlled through a simple HUD, and objects can be placed just by clicking. Rooms, corridors, bridges, stairs, etc fit together easily and neatly.


Market links:

Standard edition includes all components.

Basic edition has rooms and furniture but not the "smart" components.

Both editions include:
  • Rooms (lower and upper floors)
  • Connectors (corridors and bridge)
  • Garden/roof elements (pergolas and railings)
  • Furniture: Tables, desks, shelves, screens, chairs
  • Layout objects, for precise alignment of other objects
Standard edition also includes:
  • Text tools, which can display any given text
  • Image tools, which can display images from the Web
  • Web Browser, an in-world version of the Google Chrome browser
  • Bookmarks, book objects which store URLs for the Web Browser
  • Maps, using Google Maps with interactive menus
Let your imagination run riot!

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Re: Square Rooms - a new RezMela product

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Thanks :)
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Re: Square Rooms - a new RezMela product

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I've bought the Standard Square Rooms. I can see all sorts of possibilities, especially with the "Smart" text, image and web tools. For example, for running tutorials, or telling a story (RP background), or setting up an exhibition, or advertising products for sale with a link to the item on Kitely Market.

Being able to save and reload builds inworld via the HUD is a boon -- and incredibly speedy. The builds can be exported to inventory as a notecard, so you can keep safe all your work on an individual build without having to save an OAR of the whole Kitely world.

I went for the Standard Square Rooms version because it is possible to use just the "Smart" tools on their own, together with the Layout tools. So I can set up exhibitions in the Keep of Oz's castle, say, or in a neat-looking modern building developed via the Square Rooms app itself. It's almost like having two apps for the price of one!

Highly recommended!
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