New Product: Adirondack Campfire Multichair

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New Product: Adirondack Campfire Multichair

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The Adirondack Campfire Multichair provides a quality seating product for any hunting lodge, cabin, cabana, tiki, ski chalet, beach or country club setting. Featuring a high quality mesh Adirondack chair design with professional PBR texturing, the chairs have a dozen sit pose/animations to choose from by clicking the chear you are seated on to pick from the dialog box provided. Chairs rez and self-delete on demand, and rearrange themselves around the campfire for optimal distribution, so zero muss or fuss about rearranging or adding/removing chairs so you can focus on being a good host/hostess/hostthing. The campfire is likewise expertly rendtered in highly efficient mesh with PBR texturing and a highly realistic fire particle system, along with glow and lighting effects as well as a custom made soundtrack of crickets, frogs, and owls to complete the evening campfire experience.

Product is M/C/E across the Hypergrid. License does NOT allow purchasers to change permissions or alter creator attribution, however you may modify the device as you see fit, give the chairs a new paintjob, alter the sound track etc.

Changing the chair: If you want to retexture the chair, simply shift drag a copy of the chair, retexture it, then RESET the scripts in it, and pick it up into inventory. RESETTING THE SCRIPTS is paramount. Then remove the existing chair from inside the campfire, and drag the retextured chair from your inventory into the campfire contents. DO NOT CHANGE THE CHAIRS NAME. Then reset the scripts in the campfire, and a newly retextured chair will rez. Remove any old chairs remaining.

The creator is responsive to customer requests, so if you have a specific chair design you'd like to see, please let Mike Lorrey know either via inworld PM, or email at
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Re: New Product: Adirondack Campfire Multichair

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Hi Mike, is there anywhere in world to try the chair?


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