Worlds End 2023 - 10th Anniversary updates, plans and releases!

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Worlds End 2023 - 10th Anniversary updates, plans and releases!

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Hello everyone, its been a while :) I hope you are all well!

Grid regulars will know that I dropped off the radar for quite a while. I was dealing with moving countries, changing life circumstances, sick relatives. Its been a joy. truly. lol I did also lose a lot of hope/steam/enthusiasm when Opensim 0.9 came out and broke a lot of my content. At the time, it really felt like anything that could go wrong was going wrong. I am thankfully in a more secure situation now.

But with the 10 year anniversary of Worlds End in Kitely (TEN YEARS?!?!?!) I knew I had to come back and do something. So I have re-committed the entirety of my free time (as far as possible) to updating my store for the rest of the year.

Everything is going to be inspected, updated and refreshed. Some items will be retired. Some will be bundled into content packs.

So with this in mind I have taken the pretty difficult decision to take down the entire World's End store temporarily, effective Monday 20th March.

I have chosen to do this for several reasons. Many things are outright broken in terms of physics and need to be entirely reuploaded. Some items are looking old (to me) and I think I can do better now. I also want to refresh my listings with new images, merge some stuff together, create "ranges" of complimentary products that are easier to search, etc.

I also think putting my money where my mouth is will motivate me to get it done.

So if you want to pick up something from my store before it all goes away for a while, this is your last chance.

90% of items are going to be updated. If you purchased the old version, you will get the new version as a free update. This will be the case even for items that are discontinued but have outstanding issues or products that are merged into bundles.

Going forward, my store will slowly re-emerge over the year with a mixture of updates and new stuff. Lots of stuff will come back fairly quickly, and there will be no shortage of exciting new releases too.

Coming in the next few weeks -

Cave Kit Standard - Entirely reworked to be MUCH easier to fit together and work with. New floor pieces. Fixed all known physics and flickering issues. Large Tunnel set to be merged in with the basic cave set. Now comes in 3 texture variations - Classic, Mossy and Bioluminescent!

The "deluxe" package containing the Pit and Chasm expansions will follow later. Current owners of that pack can reach out to me to get an advance copy of the standard set in the meantime if they wish.

New Releases
Dungeon Kit - A long overdue sister set to the Cave Kit - create endless dungeons, crypts, cellars and more! Will be released in 3 parts + an all-in-one bundle.

Each set will also ship with some small preconstructed examples.

After that, I will be looking at my landscaping and forest products, followed by my sim-surrounds and medieval/roleplay builds.

Here's to a productive 2023! :roll: :D
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Re: Worlds End 2023 - 10th Anniversary updates, plans and releases!

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Sounds great! Welcome back!
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