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RealPrimOriginals By Miriam

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Today I changed my Kitely Market store name from Builds By Miriam to RealPrimOriginals By Miriam in an effort to better reflect the nature of many of my builds, which are created with regular prims. Not only does this help prevent lag, but it helps those who do not know how to use art programs to modify virtual world creations. However, I have also created many items with sculpt maps, but the main features of my work are low prim and real prim builds of my own design. So far, I only have art merchandise in the Kitely Market, but I may have other items in the store in the not too distant future. Many of my creations, though will be placed in my in world shops as freebies as noted in my store description.

Freebies galore are available at Miriam's Freebie Lodge, which is now open with a teleport panel at the HRWR (Healing Rain Winter Retreat) hub. A few of my builds are now in the shop with plans to add lots more very soon. All of my vehicles are currently listed as decor only, since vehicle scripts seem very limited at the moment. I do not have scripting abilities, but I can modify them to fit builds occasionally, so I am waiting for simple scripts to become available, which I can use. In the meantime, please enjoy any vehicles I offer as decor items.

Mega cartons of Linda Kellie merchandise are now in the freebie lodge. Most of them are upstairs in the loft, but some are available in the kitchen as well. So, come and get yours! Many of the trees and other items at HRWR are Linda Kellie items and should be in one of the cartons in the loft, thus, the items I used to design my sim with are not set to copy.

In the near future I plan to add a sandbox for your convenience in opening merchandise since most of my items are in cartons.

Thank you for your patience as I continue to add items to the marketplace and my in world freebie shops. Feel free to join Miriam's Freebies if you would like updates on new freebies.

May you all have a very blessed New Year!

Miriam :D
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