New Ocean Birds from Ocean Engineering

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Kayaker Magic
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New Ocean Birds from Ocean Engineering

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Just released on the Kitely Market: Seagulls, Pelicans and Albatross!

The seagull is a small bird that will zoom around the air over your water and land. The Pelican will fly majestically through the air. The Albatross has an incredible wingspan of 8 meters! Both the Pelican and Albatross are large enough for an avatar to ride on and direct their flight. All flying critters from Ocean Engineering have a natural chaotic movement, they do not just fly in circles! They are not random, yet no-one can predict where they will go next. They all have sculpted bodies with photo-based textures. A dialog controls how they behave, including ignoring avatars, avoiding them or flying circles around them.
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Carlos Loff
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Re: New Ocean Birds from Ocean Engineering

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People, don't think twice about buying from Kayaker, Im his fan and faithful customer since SL

Excellent movements, realistic looks, complete functions easy menu, great random roaming, riding possibility, copy mode, low lag, well... Great value for money

Kayaker stuff makes a huge difference for your land atmosphere and activities
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Lily Annabella
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Re: New Ocean Birds from Ocean Engineering

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Oh thats awesome! Animated,moving life,i hope there will be more.Going shopping now....
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