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PayPal Enabled Vending Machines

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I have scripted a vending machine that can accept PayPal for in-world items. (And Kitely Credits as well). No, this is not a product for sale yet. I am just starting serious testing by setting up vending machines in a store in-world. The first product I have ready in these new vendors are my Polished Copper Weathervanes. I'm trying a new pricing policy with these products:

1) In the Kitely Marketplace I am charging one price.
2) If you pay with Kitely Credits at my in-world store, the price is 10% lower.
3) To encourage the use of PayPal, I am NOT charging you their transaction fee yet, but paying that myself. (Which is USD$0.34 on a USD$1.00 transaction! OUCH!)
4) In addition, my vending machine gives a 10% discount to returning customers or members of my group “The Avatars who Surf Megaprims”. I'm giving this stuff away!

If you want a weathervane, or if you want to poke at my PayPal vending machines and try to get them to give you stuff for free, here is where the new store is: [url]hop://[/url]

Weathervanes are just the start, I will be adding more items for sail\\\\sale in the store soon. It is the “Ocean Engineering Chandlery, A Marine Supply Store for Builders 'Virtual instruments that really work!'”. It will soon have windsocks, compasses, wind speed meters, speedometers, tachometers, (in SteamPunk brass or modern style) ships steam whistles, exhaust pipes, brass fittings, build-your-own-boat kits, sails, in-board and out-board motors, paddle wheels and more. When you link these items into your boat, they talk to each other (using llMessageLinked). Turning up the throttle setting on the outboard motor causes the tachometer needle to rise, the exhaust pipe to belch black smoke for a second, the motor sound to increase frequency. Changing the speedometer from meters/second to knots causes all the other instruments to convert to Nautical notation. One script in the boat sends the wind and boat velocity to all the sails so they can do the apparent wind calculation and decide to flap or fill with wind. You can see some of these items working in the Tall Ship docked on the east pier at ... nthalassa/. The rest of the items have already been scripted in InWorldz, it will just take time to drag them all over here.
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Re: PayPal Enabled Vending Machines

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I just had one of the weathervanes delivered to my Metropolis Avie, put it on one of my houses in a region, and like it-)

I also like the Albatross I got at the same time.
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Re: PayPal Enabled Vending Machines

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I have a Paypal donations box from Kayaker and can attest that it works well! Yay!
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