Steam Ships Horn and Whistle

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Steam Ships Horn and Whistle

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When you click on this beautiful brass ship's horn or the similar whistle, the valve lever rotates, steam leaks out and it produces a complex sound. You hear the steam start, then the horn stays on as long as you hold the mouse down, and finally when you let go you hear the steam fade away as the valve lever rotates back up. The lever and sound work even if linked into your vehicles. COPY so you can put one on each of your ships for one low price, MOD so you can link it into your builds. A FULL PERM version is available for building into ships that you sell. I'm focused on boats, but these would look and sound good on many other vehicle types like trains or trucks.

Check out the video demo at
Steam Horn pic.png
~ Made from 2 detailed sculpts
~ Designed to be linked into boats (or other vehicles)
~ Lever rotates when blowing
~ Leaks steam while playing the note
~ Makes complex sounds
~ Note lasts as long as mouse is held down
2 prims, COPY MOD notrans (TRANS version available)

There is a steam powered horn and whistle to try out at my Chandlery, come on by and toot your horn at [url]hop://[/url]. To find links to all my stores, check out

I'm continuing my pricing experiment. Buy the
COPY MOD version from Kitely Market for KC 351
COPY MOD TRANS version from Kitely Market for KC 1500
COPY MOD version from my in-world store for KC$300 (Lower to encourage shopping in-world)
COPY MOD TRANS version in-world for KC$1300
(The vending machines will give a 10% discount to return customers or members of my group "The Avatars Who Surf Megaprims" and the vending machines will also accept PayPal directly in-world).

The scripts inside are always noMOD so the build dialog will tell you the whole thing is noMOD but then will let you link it into your boat anyway. What can you do with the two versions?

You can link the COPY MOD version into any boat you have MOD permission to. This means you can put a whistle on every boat you make, as many copies as you want, for one low price! But you cannot give or sell a copy to anyone. If you change your mind later and want to upgrade to the TRANS version, I will do that for the difference in price.

The COPY MOD TRANS version adds the ability to sell the boats you make. You have to mark your boat noTRANS. (The horn will nag you to do this!) I'm selling this for you to resell as part of your builds, but you may not resell the whistle or horn by itself. This version can also be exported if bought in-world from my vending machines. This means you can take it with you when hypergridding, save it in an IAR or an OAR.
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