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Motor Boat Script Kit

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I have released a built-your-own motor boat kit in the marketplace and in my Chandlery store in-world (at hop:// It is simply a keel prim with a script and several animations. As is, it will float, accelerate, animate the avatar to turn as if holding a tiller, bank when turning. It is a non-physical boat that uses llSetKeyframedMotion to move smoothly despite ODE, BulletSim, PhysX, Havok or any other physics engine. When released for export (not yet but soon) I expect it to work on any Open Simulator grid running version 0.7.6 or better.

It does not look like much because it is a kit! You have to build a boat around it (or link it into your boat as the root prim). It has a notecard inside where you can set physics parameters like the friction with water, how much the boat banks into a turn or how fast it can accelerate.

Besides not looking like much, it does not make motor sounds, or have any instruments or controls. Why brag about this? Why not include everything you need in the boat kit? Because my Chandlery (a marine supply store for boat builders) sells this sort of thing in several different styles! I sell an outboard motor, inboard motors and even a paddlewheel. Speedometers, tachometers, compasses and a beautiful ships binnacle. Some in steampunk brass and others in sleek modern style.

All of these instruments ACTUALLY WORK! When you simply link them into a build with my motor boat script, they all come alive and start functioning. (Some of them like the compasses and speedometers will work outside of a boat build, and even work as HUDs). The throttle lever rotates when you increase the setting, the tachometer needle rotates, engine sounds increase in volume and pitch, the propeller spins faster and releases particle cavitation bubbles. Two of the engine kits use a digitally sampled set of 10 sounds to make the realistic sound of a steam engine starting, revving up and slowing down under your control.

Some of these instruments can be seen in this video: ... PC8ye7u4QQ. Better still, come to my in-world Chandlery at [url]hop://[/url] and try everything out! There is a motor boat at the dock you can take for a spin. There are test benches in the store that you can sit on and click page-up/down to change the throttle. Click on the drum of the beautiful Ships Telegraph to make the paddle wheel turn. Make sure you click-and-hold the steam ship horn and whistle to toot your horn!
Paddlewheel Engine.jpg
Outboard Motor.jpg
Brass Speedometer.jpg
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