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Magic Step-Glow Module & Footprints for Paths and Walkways

Posted: Sun Jul 27, 2014 1:52 pm
by Carlos Loff
Im pleased to announce my latest creations, inspired on AVATAR movie, where each portion of the floor glows on and off exactly where we step it

Right now, I started with 3 different styles
- 1$ Copy/Exp path modular metal version (copy/export) so you can copy and align separate copies (soon many more materials and textures)
- 3$ Copy/mod/exp - path version so you can customise textures at will and link whole sets, the scripting works both ways
- 2$ - Copy/Exp - glowing footprints - Invisible cover

Soon I will elaborate on complete floor coverings where flowers or leaves glow on and off along wide areas

Path Module - Get the Copy/Export version here >>> ... trial-Meta

Path Module Get the Copy/Mod/Export version here >>> ... -or-Modify

Glowing Footprints ... Cover-Path

Path Modules

Glowing Footprints

Step Glow Module for Paths and Walkways - Copy/Modify/Export
>>> Each Module = 1 object = 1 prim

Copy & Modify Version Layout
>>> Works with separate aligned copies
>>> Works with linked copies set

Build & customize your magic path or walkway where each module glows shortly as it is steped upon
- Realistic build details with photo texture
- Wide enough for safe walking or running
- Square shape for turnings adjustment

Enjoy wide flexibility perms
- Copy = Infinite expansion and arrangments
- Modify = Customize textures and style
- Export = Save all structures with your OAR

Script Credits go to - oddball otoole_2

Many more items soon by Carlos Loff
Road Walk Walkway Path Route Magic Glow Step