FREE AVATARS from Seanchai Library - Marvin Android

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FREE AVATARS from Seanchai Library - Marvin Android

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Seanchai Library's mission is to provide 'immersive storytelling', hence our many venues and worlds and themes and stories, oh my!
We encourage our Guests to immerse themselves in the story as well. And what better way to immerse oneself than to dress the part!
We know it is a little trickier to find some types of content on opensim grids than it is in grand-daddy's grid (i.e. SecondLife), and so part of our mission is to make tools and items available to our Guests.

As we continue to develop our World's here in Kitely we will be offering themed shopping at our various venues.
Many of our items will be available in our Kitely Market store, where all proceeds and donations go to support the Seanchai Library in Kitely.
(Marvin is not available on our Marketplace.. only for free inworld... though donations are still cheerfully accepted!)

However.. for the adventurous souls among you, we are making much of the content available for FREE at our Library and on our Themed Worlds.. IF you're adventurous enough to explore and find them!

Today we are making available Marvin the Paranoid Android full mesh avatar! (from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy of course)
Created by Erasme.Beck. Discovered in OS by Rick Qargen.
Hint: Check the aft escape portal aboard the 'Heart of Gold' on Seanchai Spaceworld
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Re: FREE AVATARS from Seanchai Library - Marvin Android

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Yay. I love Marvin! But I don't really think he's paranoid. He's just a worried. And with good reason, given everything he is going through. I think Marvin should come with an animation that let's you pat him on the shoulder or give him a big hug.
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