Magic Color HUD for builders

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Magic Color HUD for builders

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Magic Color Guide.png
This is a HUD that can change colors in objects set up to listen with a supplied color setter script. It is full perm on the outside (the scripts inside are NOMOD) so it can be used to add color change options to objects that you can then sell. The color palette is a large colorful area that selects colors by hue and saturation. A separate slider sets the value (brightness) of the color. The color picking areas are “click and drag” so your customers will see the colors on your product changing dynamically as they drag the mouse around. The HUD comes with 8 color memory tabs where colors can be stored for future use. It comes with 4 “color group panels”. Most things in this HUD are modifiable and you can add or subtract color memories and color group panels. Even the background texture is full perm so you can put your company logo on it. The HUD does most of the work and only a single small low lag “color setter” script must be put in the root prim of your product to communicate with the HUD.

Full perm HUD for including with your products.
Small color setter script.
Dynamic color change on mouse drag.
8+ color memories.
4+ color groups (+ you can add more)
Color palette (sets hue and saturation)
Value slider (sets value or brightness)
RGB input by numbers
RGB display
Built in help

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Re: Magic Color HUD for builders

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Here's the link to the actual product on Kitely Market: ;) ... ar=4902088
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