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Aviation Instruments from Ocean Engineering

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“Virtual Instruments that Really Work!”

At my Chandlery store, I have just added three new instruments for building aircraft.
An Artificial Horizon, Altimeter and Vertical Speed Indicator.

See the video demo at http://youtu.be/HLVzmrAf2VE

The Altimeter and Vertical Speed Indicator also work as HUDs.
(The compasses and speedometers already available also work well in aircraft).
These instruments really work, the horizon ball tilts for pitch and roll of your craft, the needles rotate as you rise or fall.
Available in an inexpensive COPY MOD version for your private projects, and a FULL PERM version for including in vehicles that you sell.
Find them at the Kitely Marketplace http://www.kitely.com/market?store=2987977, and also at my Chandlery store [url]hop://grid.kitely.com:8002/Panthalassa/214/358/22[/url].
FP Artificial Horizon pic.jpg
FP Altimeter pic.jpg
FP Vertical Speed pic.jpg
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