New Release from Brayla - Photo Studio!

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New Release from Brayla - Photo Studio!

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The Brayla Sana Photo Studio is designed with friends in mind. While there are plenty of excellent photo studios available in the Metaverse, and they have plenty of features, this studio is unique in its social design. All controls are available to be used by everyone. This is by design! Have a photo party with friends - chat and take photos of your latest outfits. Included are over 45 poses, 94 backdrops, and true photo-style lighting. 3 switchable pose stands allow friends to pose together. Also included is a custom controller for controlling the lighting and backdrops. In addition, there is a changing room to switch outfits in private.

Most of the studio is Copy/Mod/Export. Scripts and poses are Copy/Export.

Everyone can Operate the Studio

As this studio is designed with friends in mind, anyone who can touch it can operate it. There are some features, however, which require the item owner to use.

Adding Backdrops

The owner may change the backdrops available by adding or subtracting backdrop textures in the Control Panel. Please note: Backdrops must be full-perm to the Owner of the Product. It is best that backdrop textures be no larger than 512x512, to prevent texture SIM lag.

Adding Poses

The Owner may also change, add or subtract the provided poses. The pose stands do not need to have the same poses in them.

Changing the Lighting Preset Colors

The Owner may change the color of the lighting presets by simply changing the button color! (Select face [texture] and change the color.) How easy is that!


Its an Exportable complete social fashion photo studio. If you are a designer who takes photos, or just a fashionista, this studio allows interaction and operation by multiple avatars. It sells at 8 USD. It includes 45 poses and 94 full perm backdrops, subject to license.


It includes photo style lighting with hidden prims.


Everything is copy/mod except scripts and poses (copy only) and backdrops (full perms/licensed).
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Re: New Release from Brayla - Photo Studio!

Post by Andrew Smith »

Wow, really cool
it's so usefull
I'll be using it
Here you can also find a lot of interesting pictures

Good Luck
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Re: New Release from Brayla - Photo Studio!

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That is really cool!
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