Snowball Fight!

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Snowball Fight!

Post by Kayaker Magic » Fri Dec 12, 2014 9:22 pm

  • Snowball toss that does not use physics
    Set up to work where rezzing is disabled
    Your avatar is animated to wind up and throw
    Snowballs explode in a shower of snowflakes
    Explodes on avatars, prims or terrain.
    Woosh sound on throw, snow-splat sound on a hit.
    Comes with snowball “meter” HUD for keeping score
    Individual and giver versions available.
I have Snowball Givers set up at several locations for you to try out. Try tossing snowballs at the dinosaurs at [url]hop://[/url] Or throw them at the targets at the archery range at [url]hop://[/url]
Snowball Toss.jpg
See the video demo at

This is a snowball throwing system that allows you to set up snowball fights even on land where rezzing objects is not allowed. Instead of using physical projectiles, this system uses the llCastRay LSL function to find objects that you are aiming snowballs at. Several “Snowball Effects” prims (set up beforehand by the land owner) run around invisibly and make exploding showers of snowflakes at all the places everyone throws snowballs.

Your avatar is animated to wind up and toss. There is a whoosh sound when you throw a snowball and a snow-splat sound when the snowball explodes on your target. It also comes with a “Snowball Meter”, a HUD that keeps score when you are hit by snowballs. Snowballs explode on terrain, avatars and any non-phantom object. They work with other Magic Bullet items from Ocean Engineering. You can throw snowballs at huntable animals (they will run away when hit!). You can throw snowballs at Magic Bullet targets and they will score you and help you hone your accuracy.

The Snowball Meter is COPY TRANS: You can hand them out to non-combatants so they can take collateral damage from snowballs. But to fight back, they will need to get their own Snowball Thrower! The Snowball Effects prim is also COPY TRANS so you can give it to land owners and ask them to rez a few of them to enable snowball fights.

Snowball toss is available in an individual version and a giver that you can set up. The giver hands out demo versions of the Snowball Tosser to all visitors. The demo version is fully functional, but will only work on your land.
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