Augmented reality for your products?

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Graham Mills
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Augmented reality for your products?

Post by Graham Mills » Fri Jul 03, 2015 4:34 pm

This is probably just a fun gimmick unless you're working for Disn*y, i.e. no pricing, just call us. There is a free academic licence though I doubt it covers Kitely almost-freebies.

You can very easily upload a zipped mesh + UV into and immediately you get a QR code that you can scan from the screen using the Augment app (iOS/Android with rear-facing camera), either on their site, in the Kitely Market or inworld. That gives you a static AR object that you can view from different angles as you track round it; you can also blank out the background to get a 3D rotatable version.

There's also an option to generate an image-based tracker (on the time-limited trial account it has an overlay) that can be recognised by scan and that provides a link to a web page as well as the 3D model; mine also works inworld. Markers can be combined apparently so you can add additional objects to see how they go together.

Assuming this isn't breaking too many Kitely rules, you can see a temporary example here: ... 9-nuclease

PS: Augment is all about marketing so the app permissions are a tad extravagant. The free account doesn't give you access to the analytics.
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