Call for Merchants at Babble Ballroom

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Call for Merchants at Babble Ballroom

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this or not, but here goes.

The Babble Ballroom at Babble Arts Center is currently under construction by Don Smith. There will be a few (very few) small (very small) shops attached to the ballroom. We are interested in hosting merchants of elegant formal attire and accessories. I have already filled three of the available shops but have room for one more dress designer, one men's shop (TUXES, people-- WE NEED TUXES -- and men's formal shoes) and one women's shoe shop. We are not interested in displays of mini-skirts and jeans. No tee-shirts or bikinis. This is all about elegant and well-made formalwear. If you are interested in having a rent-free shop at Babble Arts Center, please let me know. And, no, the management does not take a cut of what you sell at Babble. We are in the business of promoting and supporting metaverse artists of all kinds, including fashion designers. What you earn is yours to keep because what you bring to Kitely and the metaverse is much valued.

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