Scripted AtmoSpheres Now Using 60 Second Sounds

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Hastur Pierterson
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Scripted AtmoSpheres Now Using 60 Second Sounds

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If you enjoy soundscaping your land and projects, I posted an update with details on our first batch of scripted sound systems on the Kitely Marketplace. These systems use the maximum 60 second sound length and are available for Kitely and HyperGrid residents.

For the full update and to browse/listen to the new releases, please drop by: ... hypergrid/

We are looking to bring the random sound systems online next using the same up to sixty second sound file capability.

Give me a shout through our website contact page if you have any sound requests!

Hastur Pierterson
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Re: Scripted AtmoSpheres Now Using 60 Second Sounds

Post by Nyza Stillwater »

I'm really glad to see Soundscenes coming to Kitely and OS. I had been working on my own sound store for quite some time, inspired by Soundscenes in Second Life. While I will still eventually continue with that project, I'm glad we've got one of the top makers of professional sounds from SL over here and with more releases on the horizon!
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