Zetamex grid refuses DMCA registration

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Mike Lorrey
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Zetamex grid refuses DMCA registration

Post by Mike Lorrey »

According to comments in this article on Hypergrid Business that is announcing the new low cost of DMCA registration for grids, someone from Zetamex grid is stating that they are refusing to register with or recognize the DMCA, even as it applies to Americans on their grid, because they are a German based grid provider. As an American who relies upon the DMCA to protect my content IP rights, I am bothered that the Kitely Marketplace is exporting content to grids that refuse to register with the DMCA.
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Ilan Tochner
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Re: Zetamex grid refuses DMCA registration

Post by Ilan Tochner »

Hi Mike,

We respect DMCA takedown notices that are sent to us, but we have no control over what other service providers do. The way that the Hypergrid works is that if content can be taken to a grid that respects DMCA then it can be taken to a grid that doesn't. The open source nature of OpenSim guarantees that even if someone were to create a "standard" way to prevent that then people who want to steal content would just deliver items to a DMCA-complying grid and teleport with that content from that grid to a grid that runs a modified version of OpenSim that doesn't enforce that restriction.

It comes down to either selling to whomever is willing to buy from you or leaving the people who use grids that don't support the DMCA no option but to get your content from content pirates (this can easily happen to honest people who simply don't know the content they are buying on those grids in unlicensed). As you may know, content pirates rarely buy content in the first place, they just copybot it from whatever grids it is legally available in.
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