Upgrades to Pelican, Albatross and Pteranodon

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Upgrades to Pelican, Albatross and Pteranodon

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I've upgraded the script in several of my products and I'm sending out new versions to all the customers of my Ocean Engineering store on the Kitely Market. If you ever bought a Pelican, Albatross or Pteranodon from me you should be getting a new one soon. Although delivery to Kitely avatars is automatic and reliable, delivery to avatars on other grids is problematic. If you did not get an upgrade, contact me and I will personally deliver upgrades to anywhere I can hyperjump to in the Metaverse.

I wrote the original version of this flying script quite some time ago, perhaps 2012, when my understanding of rotation math was a bit weaker. Way back then I wanted the Pelican to bank when it turned, but I couldn't figure out how to do that. Since then, I have felt embarrassed to see my flying critters making some rather stiff, unnatural looking turns. I finally got around to fixing this and I'm sending out new versions to everyone who ever bought a Pelican or two other fliers that use a similar script: The Albatross and Pteranodon.

While I had the lid up to add banked turns, I also made a bunch of other improvements:
  • These fliers can now cross SIM borders in OpenSim 0.9 (and still work fine in 0.8.2).
    You can give them a list of safe SIMs that they are allowed to cross into by themselves.
    They read the default list of safe SIMs from “the cloud” and every grid has a different list there.
    Their documentation comes from a WEB page (http://magic.kayaker.net/fliers.html) instead of a note-card.
    The camera POV follows smoothly behind your avatar when you are riding them.
    A transponder option reports your critter's position to a WEB page so you can find them when they wander off.
The transponder and safe SIMs list “in the cloud” is not quite ready for prime time yet. The flying critters are completely ready but the WEB pages only work correctly on a couple specific grids so far. You can see a preview for the Discovery Grid here: http://magic.kayaker.net/locator/ The list of safe SIMs for each grid is created by carrying a surveying prim with you while traveling to each safe SIM in your grid. If you are interested in marking areas of your grid this way, get in touch with me. I also give away sample code for sending transponder updates, so you can add transponders to your vehicles or critters and see them appear on this WEB page.
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