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Shopity Elin Design New release... the Charleston Church!

Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 1:24 pm
by elin egoyan

When I was asked to build a church and saw which one was desired, all my courage sunk right into my shoes. O my, I can't do that!! But,... well here it is! It was a challenge to build it and great fun!

This church is perfect for any church service and marriages!

The design of this church is based on the St Matthews Lutheran Church in Charleston, South Carolina. It is said that no build in Charleston is allowed to be higher then this church.
The whole build and interior is kept as close to reality as was possible. The stained glass windows are the real windows of the church and are all different. Also the pews, chandeliers and pulpit and baptistal font are very recognizable. Of course because it is build in mesh I could detail this whole amazing build. You will find yourself almost in reality.


The Church has a footprint of 30 x 56 m and has a land impact of 898. which can differ in other grids then Kitely. That is a lot, but includes all the items that are in the interior like pews, chandeliers pulpit etc. Because of the size of the church I loaded up the MESH files with more LOD then I usually do, but still you are advised to set you rendervolumeLODfactor higher for not to miss the many details of this church.

The pews and church chair has sit animations, You can play on the Pipe Organ. Alas in Open Sim I could not find animation for pray, kneel/pray, preach and bless. If there will be any available in future I will add those and send every buyer an update.

If you like to see this church before purchase ring the bell and I can help you out.

See all pictures and detaila at my Kitely Market Shop ... ton-Church

Re: Shopity Elin Design New release... the Charleston Church!

Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2019 11:14 am
by elin egoyan
All the interior items in this church are now also separatly available in my Kitely Market Shop