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Thank you to everyone who participated in the Storylink Halloween Mall this season!! Merchants and Buyers and Decorators!!
So much fun!! Am planning to leave up year round so far. And so..


If you have some cool Autumn wares, and I know there are several on Kitely Market, please feel free to come put them on display and for sale in your shops or about the grounds if you like.

If you do not already have a space or shop at the Mall, just ping me and I will add you to the Storylink Radio Group so you will have full rez rights, and then you can come grab a space you like anywhere in the 256m x 256m sky region mall and set your stuff out for sale. 'For Sale' or 'Freebies' are welcome. There is no rental fee or anything like that, just come and have fun! There are about 20 Merchants on prem so far. Yay!!

Please feel free to put up signage advertising your Kitely Market Store as well if you like.

If you need anything at the Hallowe'en Mall please reply here or IM me inworld.

Thanks Everyone!!

NOTE: I may do some "housekeeping" of stray prims that landed in odd places, so dont' be concerned if something comes back to you.. it's NOT from your shop per se, it was a runaway! LoL
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