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Worlds End Landscaping & Roleplay - 2019 Update

Posted: Sun Sep 29, 2013 5:15 pm
by Ozwell Wayfarer
I am pleased to announce I finally got round to opening my store today. Tonight and tomorrow I will be listing a wide selection of 1 prim mesh plants and grasses.

Over the next few weeks and months, my release schedule is as follows

Plants, Flowers & Trees
Boulders, Cliffs, Rocks and Landforms
Themed Terrain Texture Packs
Caves & Tunnels
Medieval Roleplay Housing
Medieval Roleplay Items (furnishings & props)

Many of the releases will be exclusive to Kitely, as I am boycotting upload in SL until the new TOS is addressed.

There will be an in-world store eventually, once there is enough stuff in my store to make one worthwhile. I am happy to show potential customers my items in world upon request.

I have already been asked many times in SL why I called my store "Worlds End", so to get that right out of the way, its because I grew up there :twisted: ... nbighshire

But I am not one of the four horsemen. Just Welsh. :mrgreen:

Thank you and I look forward to serving the Kitely community.

Re: Worlds End Landscaping & Roleplay now open!!

Posted: Sun Oct 13, 2013 1:43 am
by Ozwell Wayfarer
My store is slowly filling up with goodies for the Kitely community :mrgreen: . There are more ground covers to come, but frankly, I got bored with them so I moved on to some of my more interesting releases. :D

So far this month, I have released a collection of pine trees with mushrooms, a set of creepy trees perfect for Halloween, and some basic geological formations in my Mushroom and Grassy Cliff sets.

Still plenty more to come before the month is out so stay tuned! 8-)

Re: Worlds End Landscaping & Roleplay now open!!

Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2013 10:35 pm
by Ozwell Wayfarer
Quite a large update this weekend, with some really exciting stuff finally coming to fruition.

Firstly, I am very pleased to announce that I reached a deal with Ms. Zelest Fall of Zelection (Inc?) from Second Life to bring her Medieval Tudor Wall Set to Kitely. I have been building houses with this set since it came out. I have owned pretty much every similar set available and this is hands down the best. Extensive (52 pieces!), versatile and artistic. This set should be in the toolbox of any medieval builder. ... ar=2713671

I also finally finished the first installment of my modular cave kit. This set allows you to create endless variations of caves and caverns for people to explore and get lost in. 19 lovingly crafted modular pieces plus 12 extra rocks for variation. There are various expansion packs which will follow in the coming week. This is by far my most popular item in Second Life, with over 100 sold in the last 6 months. It can be a little tricky to use, but once you get the hang of building with it I promise you will love it. No invisiprims. No bounding box issues. Just cave building bliss. ... ar=2518632

and that, (along with a few other odds and ends) was how I spent my rainy weekend.

Re: Worlds End Landscaping & Roleplay now open!!

Posted: Fri Nov 22, 2013 4:50 pm
by Ozwell Wayfarer
Well.... I have been away for a while, but I have a lot of exciting stuff to talk about so without further ado.....


Modular Medieval Road - A huge 12 piece road set perfect for Medieval settings, country lanes or winding paths.
Modular Stone Pathway Set - 11 piece stony pathway set perfect for gardens and rural settings.
Crooked Stone Steps - 7 piece set that compliments the above releases or can be used separately.
1 Prim Deciduous Trees - 3 models in 7 texture variations. 1 prim and gorgeous! EDIT!! - Due to physics issues the 1 prim trees became 2 prim trees :roll: , but the good news is, so did my pine trees which were formally 5-7 prims each!

Look out for those in the coming days!

Over the weekend I am also expanding all of my existing sets with 4 texture variations. Grass, Snow, Badlands and Desert. As if that was not enough, from Monday onwards, I am slashing a huge 50% off everything in my store until Dec 24th to celebrate the first Kitely Christmas with a marketplace :mrgreen: . Its a one-off, never to be repeated again.

....and in other news, I am still working on my in-world location. I am not making a store, but a highly detailed medieval RP area. Once the architecture and landscaping are finished i will open it up to the community (I am aiming for the end of December....ish ;) , but for now, here are a few screenies to (hopefully) whet your apatite. You can also see previews of many of my new products in the pictures. Enjoy!


Re: Worlds End Landscaping & Roleplay now open!!

Posted: Sat Nov 23, 2013 11:17 pm
by Ozwell Wayfarer
A few people have asked me if I had a showroom since I last posted, so after updating the items I needed, I decided to set about building one. You can now find it by searching for "Ozwells Workshop". Please note it was knocked together in just a few hours, and I will be tweaking and improving it greatly over the coming weeks.

The store itself is a floating platform made entirely from mesh. I wanted to show how you can create whole landscapes easily with my products, even without any system terrain!

My cave set can be found in the desert area. The expansion sets to that kit are coming soon I promise :)

For the moment you will still need to spend minutes to access it. I am sorry for that, but I am saving my funds for when the RP region is in a more finished state. Once that is done, the store and the region will both be free to access.

You can see the RP area too on the ground level if you want, though at this stage it is VERY incomplete.

If you do not wish to spend minutes to access the area, I can always arrange an in-world demo at a mutually convenient time. Just PM me.


Tomorrow, I will begin adding all the updates to the marketplace, then on Monday the Christmas sale begins!! :D

Re: Worlds End Landscaping & Roleplay - 50% Off Christmas Sa

Posted: Sun Nov 24, 2013 11:07 pm
by Ozwell Wayfarer
Well, updates have all now been sent out. Massive prim reductions for most of my products plus a whole bunch of new textures (pictured above)! All my mesh landforms are now just a single prim! The Pine trees got a massive expansion, adding 3 new trees for a total of 6. Plus prim count has been reduced from 7 to 2.

Besides this and finishing my showroom, I didn't get time to roll out new products yet, but those will come throughout the coming week.

Since it is now Monday in my time zone, the Worlds End Christmas sale is now on! :D A one-time-only sale to celebrate the first year of Kitely Marketplace. Only announced on this forum.

A huge 50% off EVERYTHING (apart from the already really rather cheap ground cover plants :mrgreen: ). Even export items are discounted!

All coming new products will be 50% cheaper too until Dec 24th. its Christmas all December (and a bit of November too!) at Worlds End!

IMPORTANT EDIT - I cant figure out why teleport routing isn't working correctly, so if you arrive at my Workshop, open your map and change your Z co-ordinate to 2500. Then you will find the store ;)

Re: Worlds End Landscaping & Roleplay - 50% Off Christmas Sa

Posted: Mon Nov 25, 2013 4:57 am
by Dot Matrix
The cave system is wonderful! Just exploring it... :)

Re: Worlds End Landscaping & Roleplay - 50% Off Christmas Sa

Posted: Mon Nov 25, 2013 5:12 am
by Ozwell Wayfarer
Thank you Dot :) There are 3 expansions to come, hence the empty doorways. I am looking forward to materials because then it will look AMAZING, even if I do say so myself :D

The large tunnels you enter the caves through are actually also an expansion. The cave kit comes with smaller tunnels in the box. That should probably be pointed out. I usually put floating text around to tell people these things but I didn't get round to it yet.

Re: Worlds End Landscaping & Roleplay - 50% Off Christmas Sa

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 10:07 pm
by Ozwell Wayfarer
In light of the news that we will have the materials module very soon, I have decided to hold back the release of my new trees and further cave expansions for the time being. If you are considering buying the cave kit, I would strongly recommend waiting until materials are activated. I have however released my modular pathway and road sets, both of which I am sure landscapers will find very useful.

I closed my in-world SL store this week so did not manage to get as many new releases out as I had wanted, but now I have that out of the way, look out this week for some distinctly chilly new releases ;)

Ironically, I refreshed a lot of my SL product listings because some of the photos were looking tired and old compared to the ones in my Kitely store. When I first came here, I was using SL pictures for Kitely listings. Now its the other way round :lol:

Re: Worlds End Landscaping & Roleplay - 50% Off Christmas Sa

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2013 12:42 am
by Ilan Tochner
Hi Ozwell,

Please note the existence of the Redeliver feature in your store's Sales History page. This feature sends the buyer the version of the bought product variation that is currently listed in the marketplace. You can use this feature to deliver updated versions of your product variations to your customers.