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Excelsior Armaments Re-Activates

Posted: Thu Oct 24, 2013 12:58 pm
by Sarge Misfit
Excelsior Armaments has re-activated it products. At this time, those products are;

Packages contain all necessary gestures, instructions, and copyright licensing. Please be sure to read all notecards you receive.
Join the Excelsior Armaments inworld Groups for update notices, news and more.

These items are 10KC on the Market & free inworld on Regio Excelsior ... -Excelsior
Myriad RP System - complete scripts & notecards, sorted by use.
Excelsior Myriad Combat System (EMCS) - "Traditional" HUD & Meter combat system based on the Myriad RP System. Update coming soon
Basic Short Sword - Based on RL examples. Requires EMCS.
Hoverboard - This one will work over water. Look for "Misfit's Almost Used Vehicles" on Regio Excelsior

These items sell for US$
Black Thorn - Longsword based on RL dimensions. Made of Black Steel. Requires EMCS < US$3.00 >