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Mental Design by Cecil Gudkov

Posted: Fri Nov 15, 2013 8:08 pm
by Cecil Gudkov
Hello Kitely Community!

Today after some problems and some scripts rebuild i finish to upload our OAR showroom world!

I was very busy this last weeks with my RL job and not very active around Kitely but this week get some free time and finish.
This next months will be more relax for me in rl and i will try to be active on Kitely forums and in world. I have many ideas to create new products and hope to find time to do this task. Need also to upload my old products.

First of all i will create more freebies for Kitely residents because we need this in my opinion to attract new people in community. I will focus to create free content from all categorys " shapes, skins, clothings, buildings..." (hope free time will help me on this!)

Please visit our store when you have some free time and look around! I really need some feedback about buildings position, ambient sounds but most important about category positions and how easy is for you to find products inside! Showroom is almost empty for the moment but this will be fix soon! Use also out direct TELEPORT DIRECTORY, was a real task creating that to be easy and usefull for new people.

Need to run now but i will come with more details later! Have a great day all and enjoy Kitely!


Mental Design: ... tal-Design

Express Yourself ! Be Creative ! by CECIL GUDKOV

Re: Mental Design by CECIL GUDKOV

Posted: Fri Nov 15, 2013 8:36 pm
by Dot Matrix
The teleport board takes you to the different shops, and the green arrows on the walkways helps you find the shop entrances.

The Lego man avatar is great!