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Mikki Miles Musical Instruments

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2013 6:42 pm
by Mikki Miles
Hi there!

I'm glad to tell you: Musica is now open!
I'm building a place full of music and sound. It's still under construction, but from now on it's open (and free) for everybody.
You'll find musical instruments and ambient sound modules, which provides sets of randomly played audio loops, thus avoiding the boring and stubborn repeating same 10 second loops.
You won't hear any repeating structures, and the random play allows a natural flowing sound experience.

Many of the structures you'll find on Musica are for sale, and the musical instruments are available from Kitely market.

While exploring music you will notice that you can listen to the contained music of the instruments...


Re: Mikki Miles Musical Instruments

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2013 7:05 pm
by Dot Matrix
I was thrilled to see that Mikki was here in Kitely.

One of the elements that defined the old SL Devokan for me was the soundscape, and that included several of Mikki's instruments.

He's got some rather nice mesh items for sale in his region as well.