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Storylink Radio just changed our Shoutcast provider and got a great deal!!!

If you use Shoutcast, or are considering using it, Fire and Ice Grid is offering a super deal..
And yes of course it works great in Kitely, or anywhere...
And no you don't need to have an account at F&I grid, but you could, it's nice grid with friendly folk and HG naturally.
Up to 5 simultaneous shoutcast streams
Up to 100 listeners per stream
Streams up to 128kbps
£4.10 per month paypal subscription
<-- that's presently $5.33 in USD (plus $0.14 foreign transaction fee)

We were paying $6/month for a single stream from digiStream with 50 listeners. digiStream has been very stable and reliable with responsive help center, but in testing so far the F&I Shoutcast has less than half the lag that the digiStream one did, and I think it sounds better. We'll know more though after we test it with an audience.

Other Thoughts:
- If you need only one stream, maybe you know someone who also needs one and you could maybe share one subscription?
- You could use one stream for voice or whatever, and use another one for your own internet radio station to put on a Land URL
- This package does not have AutoDJ, but we're looking at setting up 24/7 RaspberryPi Shoutcast server(s) cheap

- If you just to see how Shoutcast works you can get a single stream for 1 or 3 days, or a week from digiStream

This is an unsolicited posting - just wanted to let you all know about the great deal.
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If anyone needs help setting up a Shoutcast stream for their land or whatever, I can share how we do it.. not sure we're doing it the 'right' way, but hey it works! :lol:

Be happy to send link on how to setup RaspberryPi Shoutcast server too...
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