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CORAL HOMES: Rent Big Private Islands, Full Rights, 5$/month

Posted: Thu Jun 26, 2014 5:49 pm
by Carlos Loff
CORAL HOMES - Play Your World >>> Beautifull - Alive - Private - Affordable

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Welcome to Coral Homes - Build and do whatever you want

A 16 region tropical paradise where you can live, run events or do busines, enjoying our unique community and inclusive infrastructure:

- Private islands to rent and develop as you wish

- Public canals to sail and dive with no interruption

- Public themed islands with diverse ammenities

- Exploding wildlife - Under and over the waters

- Central public stage for live shows and classes

- Central public beach to hangout, mingle or relax

- Central club for parties and making new friends

Not a Premium Member ???

>>> For only 5$ per month you can Play Your World at this Kitely Coral Paradise

>>> Enjoy a 7.056 sq mts Island with 1.000 free prims & full rights, except terraform

- Build or rezz at will

- Change Info & Media

- Change landing point

- Create landmarks

- Post land events

- Eject any intruders

- Set privacy lines

- Create access list

- Subdivide parcel

Need a Home/Appartment ???

>>> After your rental payment Carlos Loff offers you a huge, directly to your inventory a "Modify" beach villa so you may edit, rezz and locate as you please


Buy Monthly Rentals at Kitely Market Page and follow 3 Easy Rental Steps

((( ... uly-rental )))

>>> Buy the rental box to pay for Coral Homes Island rent - Whole July Month

>>> Buying after July 1st ??? In 24h Carlos Loff refunds all non used days (50KC/Day)


CORAL HOMES by Loff Virtual Worlds - IM - Carlos Loff