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OCEANS UNITED: Shared Region Rental, High Performance Worlds

Posted: Sun Oct 18, 2015 12:18 am
by Carlos Loff
Hi there, this is my new project, for those who only need one single region with a very affordable deal but enjoying Kitely top performances

OCEANS UNITED - Under construction - Opens October 23rd
- ... ans-United


Highest Kitely Performances Bellow Kitely Lowest Rates - Only 13$/Month

- Full Adult Region

- 16.000 Prims Limit

- Up to 4096 RAM Mem

- Up to 80 Avatars Limit


>>> Important Reminder on Available Resources

- Since this world is shared, server resources thowards running scripts and avatar load are not fully granted at a same given moment to all 7 tenants

- Although very unlikely in Opensim, in the worse case scenario, where everyone launches an event at the same time, each tenant would have only 10 people to bring in, besides himself

WORLD LANDINGS - Common Arrival SW region

- Teleports board for all 7 tenants

- Free panels with pic & landmark

RENT PAYMENT IN ($) - Inworld Paypal Donation Box

- You can start any month day - Refund in KCs for days difference

ENJOY - Full control over your region parcel, except terrain textures

- Whole region parcel deeded to you

- Terraform it however you please

- Change name, info, pic and media

- Build and run whatever you please

- Set access, group or ban lines

ENJOY - Bonus Exclusive Features - Free use common regions

- Direct access to 4 regions central ocean for watersports & diving

- 3 free use regions: Events Plaza, Shopping Mall, Nature Island

- 1 region sandbox with 5.000 prims load & 10h return

ATTENTION - Check below for few logical limitations

- Grid address to Worlds Teleports spot

- You can´t download or upload OARs

- You can´t change terrain textures


Oceans United Global Environment

- Water - Waterslides

- Sky - (TOR) Midday Precison Blue

Oceans United Global Terrain Textures

- Highest terraform level - 100m

- Lowest terraform level - 100m

- Water level - 20m

- Bright Coral texture under 1m

- White Sand texture above 1m

- Grass texture under 60m

- Rock texture above 60m


Re: OCEANS UNITED: Shared Region Rental, High Performance Wo

Posted: Sun Oct 18, 2015 1:20 am
by Ilan Tochner
Hi Carlos,

Kitely Worlds are each run in their own simulator and provide their own avatar capacity, prim limit and dedicated memory allocation.

If you rent out parts of your Advanced World then your tenants won't all be able to all have 80 people inworld and get access to 4096 MB or RAM as if they had sole access to your Advanced World.

Those numbers will be effected by what your other tenants are running in their regions and the total number of people in your world (regardless of which region they are currently in). If one person runs a badly designed script then the entire world may suffer, even though all your other tenants have well behaved regions and well behaved visitors. This is all the more likely to happen if you provide a sandbox where people are very likely to experiment, assuming that what they do there won't hurt the performance of everyone else who shares your world.

If you're comparing your rental business to Kitely Worlds then please make this abundantly clear in your advertising. The graph you posted here is misleading and needs to be corrected.

Re: OCEANS UNITED: Shared Region Rental, High Performance Wo

Posted: Sun Oct 18, 2015 4:25 pm
by Carlos Loff
Thank you Ilan, as you can see I changed the table and the description, not only reinforcing the resources will be shared and not granted to a single tenant and also added to the table - UPT TO - 80 Avis and 4.096 mem

My intention with this project is to bring more people to Kitely = Opensim, specially from SL, no to compete at all with Kitely, I have been renting places on SL since 2007 and tenants care and conflict management are usually more long hours sweat than any small profit, we must love it to do it when we do it