Matsumoto Castle, The foundation

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Matsumoto Castle, The foundation

Post by Amiryu Hosoi » Sat Sep 28, 2013 8:04 pm

Whoohooo, The foundation is in place!. Today I finished uploading and listing the complete Matsumoto Castle range into Kitely. This is a very important step because the Matsumoto Castle will play a very important role in the regions I am going to build in Kitely. The complete Matsumoto Castle Range is available on Kitely's Marketplace as from today with FULL COPY, MOD EXPORT permissions! This means people will be able to export everything to the Open Sim grid of their choice. I also lowered all prices for the complete Hosoi Ichiba product range with 50%, So, come on over to Marketplace Secondlife or Kitely's Marketplace and start creating you own high res Japanese Edo Period regions today!

Exporting and updating the complete Hosoi Ichiba product range will take a massive amount of time but I will do my very best to update as much and as fast as I can, but, I also have a regular job, and family I need to look after. Anyway, I would like to ask all of you to tell me what products you would like to see appear first on Kitely. Just drop me a notecard or an IM both in SL and KL and I will make sure your wishes will come true;-)

Important; I have made the descicion to make all my products Copy | Mod | Export this means everyone that buys my products will have FULL rights! This doesn't mean people are free to give away or sell my products to anyone else. Please play a fair game. Creating virtual world content is hard work! I also need the cash that I earn with my products to set up and maintain the regions I am going to build. Those regions will be free for everyone to enjoy.

Product highlight: We combined all Matsumoto Castle products into one big Fat Pack for you. Buying this Fat Pack makes you the proud owner of the following goods:

• Matsumoto Castle - Main Tower

• Matsumoto Castle - Right Wing

• Matsumoto Castle - Left Wing
• Matsumoto Castle - Tower

• Matsumoto Castle - Arena

• Matsumoto Castle - Sky Arena

• Matsumoto Castle - Main Gate
• Matsumoto Castle - Covered Entrance
• Matsumoto Castle - Covered Pavilion

• Matsumoto Castle - Castle Dojo
• Matsumoto Castle - Wall Gate

• Matsumoto Castle - Royal Gate
• Matsumoto Castle - Wall Element Corner
• Matsumoto Castle - Wall Element

• Matsumoto Castle - Kabuki Theater

• Matsumoto Castle - Samurai Field Camp

Remember, the complete package is FULL COPY, MOD, EXPORT



I hope we meet again in Kitely;-)

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Re: Matsumoto Castle, The foundation

Post by Dot Matrix » Sat Sep 28, 2013 9:04 pm

They are lovely, Ami. Thank you so much for enabling Export on them. I am sure people will respect and value the creativity, skill and sheer hard work that has gone into them.
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