The long sad tale of a house

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Michael Timeless
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The long sad tale of a house

Post by Michael Timeless »

Just about eighteen years ago I started learning to build in Second Life. Today is actually my RL and SL and OS birthdays. Got in a habit for a while of creating a new avatar on my birthday. Anyway, I learned how to build with prims, how to do some sculpties and even torture a few prims. Along the way I got interested in architecture a bit, and started building a home.

Over the years I continued to build and refine it and will probably never finish it. However, the monster house is now about 2800 prims. Is there a way to convert it to mesh and retain it. I’ve started taking blender classes but am no where close to being able to convert the structure. I also have a ton of questions on things like doors and textures with mesh. Anyone interest in such a project. I’m willing to pay for the work. Let me know.
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Re: The long sad tale of a house

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Hello Michael,

First of all happy birthday and Rez-day. Houses are in most cases not the most difficult things to make and I'm quite sure that you will save a serious amount of prims I you mesh it. Seems to be that you already made a "block out" in a advanced stage which makes the pipeline more fluent. Can you please show a picture of the building you want to obtain as a description of the requirement?

I can't promise to make it but I might be able to help you on the way. If wished you can contact me inworld.

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Selby Evans
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Tess Juel
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Re: The long sad tale of a house

Post by Tess Juel »

Michael Timeless wrote:
Sun Sep 12, 2021 5:29 pm
Anyone interest in such a project.
I can do it if you're not in a hurry. I've just moved in RL and all I have right now is a li'l MacBook Pro on a wifi connection. It'll take a week or two before I have a proper computer set up and ready to work.
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