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Dance HUD/Chimera

Posted: Thu Aug 14, 2014 2:42 pm
by Spiral Silverstar
Okay, so I finally found some good dances to use in Kitely. Now I need a dance Hud or Chimera to place them in. Anyone? Thanks in advance.

Re: Dance HUD/Chimera

Posted: Wed Dec 24, 2014 4:45 am
by Kayaker Magic
Where did you find dances? I've been working on a Dance Ball system. I debugged it in ... another grid where dance animations are readily available for sale. I figured this dance ball would go over well here, so I did a search. I cannot find ANY dance animations for sale on the Kitely Market. I know people have them because I have been to dances in Kitely! Where did you get your dances? I found one dance HUD in the Kitely market, but it doesn't come with dances, you have to supply your own. But from where?

It is a chicken and an egg problem: If we had good Intan-style dance systems here, people would sell dances for them. But why would anyone write such a dance system if there were no dances to put in them? OK, I'll meet you half way: If someone can tell me where to get some dances to start with, I'll port my script here to use them.

I would be particularly interested in couples dances, as I wrote my dance system to switch back and forth between singles and couples dancing...

Re: Dance HUD/Chimera

Posted: Wed Dec 24, 2014 10:34 am
by Min Tigerpaw
Fully agree with this ... the availability of high quality animations in OpenSim is a key issue for further development. However they are usually made by techniques that are only available to professionals (like MOCP). Obviously so far none of them is willing to sell in OpemSim - likely due to fear of not being able to prevent illegal copy and distribution.
True - a number of reasonably good dance animations have found their way to OpenSim and private inventories even in Kitely, but I doubt the majority of those are copies obtained with permission of the original creators. In my eyes the only way out of this dilemma is to convince at least one of the big animation enterprises that it's better to offer & sell ( and by the presence of a legal option to possess them increase moral pressure on users) than to stay out of OpenSim business-opportunities. Still they could keep the newest dances in closed grids only and release them to OpenSim after 2 or 3 years.

Re: Dance HUD/Chimera

Posted: Wed Dec 24, 2014 7:53 pm
by Kayaker Magic
Marstol gave me a pack of animations, which convinced me to get my dance system working here. But when I tried out those animations, they were all free dances that I have seen before. For example, the Linda Kellie couples dances that were great to have in their day, but I think that day is past.

Then another friend pointed this "Paramour Clubmaster Dance Machine" project out to me: ... Vw47W49Tt4
This is a huge open source danceball project with lots of features. Unfortunately it requires the OSSL functions, which are almost universally disabled because of the "threat levels" of those functions. A private grid will perhaps enable those functions just to use this dance ball!

When I saw this, I almost considered dropping all my efforts to write a dance ball! But perhaps there is a niche for a smaller simpler dance ball that works anywhere without the OSSL functions. So I'll keep plugging for a while.

But listen to this! That Paramour machine comes with 300 dances! OK, lots of them are couples, so call it 200 dances. Then there are a lot of duplicates that have different names, so call it 180 dances. WOW! Most of them are pretty good! But many of them look familiar.... Is that a stolen dance, or do all couples swing dances look about the same to me? I'd be afraid to give out copies of these for fear I am contributing to the theft.

Re: Dance HUD/Chimera

Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2021 7:30 pm
by Fleur Cooperstone

I’ve worked very hard on a dancehud (for both SL AND OpenSim) - took me about 2 years to complete it (and i’ve worked it off and on for like 6 years - adding features). I’ve been mostly on SL in the past. Ported to OpenSim over the last while. Now it’s merrily in the kitely marketplace (search fleursoft DanceHud) - you’ll find a free one to it out and a product one that comes with my support. Sources for the opensource one are on github.

You can find a lot of Abraniamtions animations at their opensim store:

Fleursoft dancehud is at: ... t-DanceHUD - a demo is there for you to try - its the opensource version. The only differences are really minor - support from me is missing (kinda makes some sense) and two,features (transfer - which moves stuff into the dancehud easily and upgrade which is used to upgrade the demo dancehud to a product one or to update to the latest rev (if I make a newer rev)). Free for the demo and what is does is really powerful. Can send messages to other items and lots more….

If you remember huddles from way way back in SL history… well - the idea of my dancehud was kinda like that - but that was not nearly powerful enough. I kept working on it till I had a dancehud that I loved to use. 10 menus of dance sequences that could be LONG (more than 256 characters and on multiple lines in a notecard) . I loved having a set of waiting dance sequences instead of just standing waiting for the next song… (these are just dancesequences that you put on a specific menu and tell the dancehud that waiting sequences are there - so when you hit the ‘stop’ button for any dance sequence the ‘next’ stop sequence gets stared up - makes you not just ‘stand’ in place between song). There is just lots of stuff that it can do. Works great on really busy sims too…. Lots of work to make it this powerful yet really easy to us…

Ah - one of the nice features is themes - it has different colors and transparency settings. Just seeing lots of dance sequences on the hud is nice (made to show 30 sequence names). It has a record mode - play dances from its inventory and it’ll create a dance sequence with times of when you click. Groups let you have different dancers on different animations at the same time… just go read the website - lots there :)

The dancehud has a lot of features - all documented at:

You can also learn a lot about dancing in Sl by the dance queens site: - they have over 300+ dance sequences that just need the animations (if they were available in opensim).

I wanted to make it easy to dance in SL and OpenSim. The lack of animations is just not so wonderful. I used to dance with dance sequences in Sl (like michael Jackson’s Thrilller) with six others or so and really knew the DJ (Ray Trafalger) - we were the Raylettes - performed about six nights a week years - the fleursoft site has more details. DJ Ray used to challenge me after we got started - he’d play songs that he thought I would not have a dance wequence for… i kept up with him. In the end i had different kinds of dances, slow, medium, fast and then special (thriller and others like YMCA). Was always a fun night with them and synchronized dancing.

I wish that there were animations in opensim that are not stolen… dancing could be big in opensim with the animations. My dancehud can help dance groups of between one and 20 or so - it’s a script limit…makes sense… it does not use OSSL functions that require permissions.

Yes - i would gladly support any store that sells opensim animations and i’d offer to work with them with my dancehud to see them succeed.

My real life has been kinda busy lately - fighting multiple myeloma cancer, working full time and more.. keeps me really busy
- Fleur Cooperstone