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Mike Lorrey
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Object complexity stats on market

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I would like the Kitely Marketplace to implement display of data on the complexity of objects for sale. As we are developing the HiFi platform, meshes for that platform must be very efficiently designed meshes, so this feature should be a requirement when that service becomes available. I have started posting the complexity data (Ktris, Kverts, and Streaming Cost) in my new products, and I encourage other merchants to do likewise, until this becomes a standard part of the marketplace code. If you are unsure how to measure the complexity of the finished inworld product, you go to the Developer menu on your viewer, to "Show info" to "Show rendering info". I have written a thread in the builders forum here that goes into this topic more deeply. I encourage all creators to read up on this. I also teach in blender classes how to optimize mesh, especially if you are building your prototypes as linksets inworld.
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Re: Object complexity stats on market

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Hi Mike,

Adding product rendering complexity to product listings is on our Kitely Market todo list.
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