Looking for "Falling" water for Fallingwater

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Michael Timeless
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Looking for "Falling" water for Fallingwater

Post by Michael Timeless »

One of my favorite things is nature. The Army was a great place to go for long walks in the woods. Now that I've been in the virtual worlds for a while I still like, after a stressful day to simply go for a walk, silly as that sounds, when you've been physically hurt walking helps. Anyway I'm rambling. What I'm looking for is a waterfall. Not a rotating cylinder. I've been using one form or another of rotating cylinders and sculpted and mesh waterfalls for years and none of them ever really look or feel right. I have a good, bad, example on my world of Fallingwater (the name says why I'm interested in waterfalls doesn't it).
I've tried different ways of doing it but confess I'm not creative enough to get it right. I'd like to put one to three of them out on this sim. Skye has some very creative pieces of the puzzle - and I'm using some of his stuff, but I have yet to see something that combines all the elements, any suggestions?
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Hypatia Emerson
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Re: Looking for "Falling" water for Fallingwater

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One thing I have been told over and over because I'm not that creative either is layers. The world is not just one thing so layers of things interacting look more real. The best falls I have seen were in an OAR from Outworldz but I can't remember which one :? I can however describe the elements it had. There was the water falling yes but there was fog at the bottom, there was a rain particle maker or a few of them causing the spray, there was the sound and there were rocks both parting it at the top as well as all down the length of it in random places. The mist/fog was not just at the bottom it was also lightly where the water hit rocks. There was a light rain spray at those locations as well. I hope that helps out but if not I believe it was Isis Ophelia that did the waterfall I'm thinking of you might want to look her up. Not sure what grid but maybe you can find a place at outworldz.com to drop her a line? Avia Bonne does some really awesome stuff as well.
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Dot Matrix
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Re: Looking for "Falling" water for Fallingwater

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There are several kits on Kitely Market, some of which include examples you can pull to pieces and rebuild.

Some examples:
Imladris on Kitely has lots of waterfalls. These were built with items available across the hypergrid.
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Constance Peregrine
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Re: Looking for "Falling" water for Fallingwater

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ok here I go again lol

On the tiny I have an animation that my notes remind Linda made for me. This should get it:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6pQoe ... sp=sharing

About the waterfall, I did make them as noted but I can't recall what oar I saved it in. Fred has a couple of them and one I made he says Praline did (likely because she had gotten it from me and her name went to it). I have 3 I could find on my google drive. They are all single region size. So you can save your current region (or make another) and then load these up until you find it or not.

The waterfall is as described. It is in multiple objects so to get it I guess would be best done by forming a build around the entire thing and saving that (well I can't recall the word it is called when multiple objects are saved in one file). These oars should all have an attribution file giver someplace. These are old and some items would be obsolete (scripts and such) so ymmv and I will try to keep an eye on any comments made that I need to respond to. PMs are ok also.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6pQoe ... sp=sharing

retreat minethere.oar
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6pQoe ... sp=sharing

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6pQoe ... sp=sharing
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