Wanted a Multi Clockface script

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Wanted a Multi Clockface script

Post by elin egoyan » Fri Aug 17, 2018 9:52 am


I have made a nice City Clock with on 4 sides a clockface with hands. In SL there is a really great clockscript that works fantastic to get those 4 clocks in one build going. Just one script and no scripts needed in the hands. That saves also a lot of scriptuse on a sim and therefore lesser lag. Specially the Steampunk sims will have profit from that.
Another advantage is that you dont have to make 4 different clockhandsets that can not be linked to the clock itself, because then the rootprim of the different clockhandsets change and will piont in all directions except the good one.
I contacted the creator if I was allowed to use that script in OS and she agreed. Alas that script does not work in Open Sim.

So I wonder if such a script exsist already in OS? If not then I challenge every scripter to take a chance to create a script like that so OS will have great tools. I have asked the creator if I am allowed to give the scriptcode here, but she did not respond yet. But if the answer is yes I will past it here asap.

Lets go for it!!
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