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Re: Help with setting up NPC tour guides

Postby Constance Peregrine » Wed Jul 10, 2013 9:26 pm


[Update 04-07-2013: I have added a NPC kill script to the download. To delete all the NPC's on a region, drop the NPCkill.lsl script in a prim and touch it.]
[Update 10-07-2013: Replaced the NPC puppeteer script with an updated version. Some bug fixing things.]

for us non-europeans types that is July
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Re: Help with setting up NPC tour guides

Postby Caitanya Rupa 2 » Fri Jul 12, 2013 1:57 pm

Nice tutorial Miney!

Thank you Ruby for the info.

Am getting a handle on things and just have to find the time to get it done.

Thanks to all for the info.
Have done a bit of research and collected it into an Evernote folder - will have to sort it all out when things settle down here.

Once again thanks to all for the input.
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Re: Help with setting up NPC tour guides

Postby Candice Candice » Fri Jul 26, 2013 12:10 am

Graham Mills wrote:Sorry, I've been a little busy. OK, a lot busy. Dundridge sounds like the guy to follow on this but here are my vague recollections.

I had some issues with Ohn's implementation and used the W&S system in a recent fire evacuation scenario

As with most of these things you dress the avatar in the appearance you want and use the script provided to capture the appearance on a notecard which you then pop in the npc rezzer.

The only issue I can recall is that by default it's set to startup when the world starts whereas I wanted it to start on chat. The simplest solution was a bit hacky as I had multiple npcs to trigger, viz for each npc I put an additional script in the rezzer that listened for the chatted command and then reset the startup script.

The W&S system is fairly heavyweight as it reads a notecard Script that specifies the npc actions. I didn't play with everything but I do recall that the delete command didn't work so I setup a collision-based script in a prim that derezzed the npc when it walked into it (you could mod Ohn's).

A more general gotcha that had me stumped originally is not appreciating that the npc is always controlled by the rezzer. If you want the npc to respond to chat when the rezzer is out of chat distance, you will have to relay the chat via an attachment on the npc (well, that's what I did -- maybe there are simpler ways).

Recall that the delete command didn't work so I setup a collision-based script in a prim.
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