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Im hiring for events

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Hello folks,

My non-profit project against Corona Virus social isolation - Virtual Lisbon - Is almost ready and one of the main features is events around, Education, Entertainment and Exhibiting

Detailed Infos here - ... ual-Lisbon

Im bringing mostly people from outside virtual worlds so they can fill up our ranks and hopefully enrich our projects, interactions and worlds content

Please refere to me some Avatar names so I can try and hire (paying KCs) following roles:

- Themed individual live concerts

- Themed band live concerts

- Teachers about: Inworld building, Inworld presenting and Inworld Performing

- Lecturers about: Medicine, Science, Technology, Online Marketing

- Machinists to cover our events

In the next week I will be contacting and hiring and more needs will arise soon

Please consider donating, not money, but your time, with a small class or small talk about any skill you have and wish to share with newcomers, helping people not to go mad quarantined inside their homes...

Carlos Loff AKA Avatar - Carlos Loff
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