Requests for Hosoi Ichiba items

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Requests for Hosoi Ichiba items

Post by Dot Matrix » Sun Sep 22, 2013 4:53 pm

From Introduce yourself... (bold added by Dot):
Amiryu Hosoi 3 wrote:My name is Amiryu Hosoi and I think some of you know me from SL. I used to run 6 Edo Japanese themed RPG sims and a big Japanese market. Because of the recession I had to close down in december 2012. I still use SL and Open Sim as a tool to design for my real life company My Oriental Garden. Because I missed you all to much I recently started to build again and even opened a small shop in SL. Some time agoo I joined Kitely but didn't think the time was right to start building yet. I checked out Kitely again last week and decided to bring my content to OpenSim. As from yesterday I started to import some buildings and also started to work on the Kitely Marketplace.

Yesterday I listed my first Samurai Outfit. In the comming weeks I will list more and more. It is a lot of work however so, please keep your patience. Because content is for you to enjoy I would like to ask you to check out SL marketplace and tell me what products or ranges I should list first on Kitely Marketplace. Just reply here with your wishes. ...
Thank you, Ami, for this offer.

Are you going to bring over the kimonos? I'd love to see the Aozora.

The furniture looks gorgeous, especially the cabinets and steps.

The granite items for a Zen garden would be another set I'd be interested in.
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Re: Requests for Hosoi Ichiba items

Post by Amiryu Hosoi » Mon Sep 23, 2013 3:43 pm


today I completed the Japanese Ofuro Soaking Bath series, added the Samurai Field camp and... the Japanese Zen Garden - Rock Garden Builders Pack;-) Working on the Matsumoto Castle right now and hope to list Matsumoto Japanese Castle - Main Tower, Matsumoto Japanese Castle - Right Wing and Matsumoto Japanese Castle - Left Wing. These are unique builds for both SL and OS.

See you later guys,

Amiryu Hosoi
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